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We are the, we are the, class of thirteen

Today, we remember. We remember those who were killed on impact, those who burned, those who jumped, and those who were never found. We remember those who lost their husbands, their wives, their mommies and daddies, their sisters and brothers, their best friends, their children. We remember.

Born in the era of humility

Today, we mourn. We mourn the memory of those lost, those who went before their time. We mourn our loss of innocence as a nation, the loss of trust. We mourn for those who had to sit in those planes, and listen to their loved ones lie and tell them it'll be alright, and had to tell them that no, it wouldn't be alright, but that they loved them more than anything. We mourn.

We are the desperate and in the decline

Today, we pray. No matter what religion we are, we pray to whatever unknown that those lost souls made it okay. We pray for the ones left behind, the ones left to miss them, the ones left to wish it had been them instead. We pray for a better world, and we pray that one day, the world will be peaceful, and no more mothers will lose their sons and daughters overseas. We pray.

Raised by the bastards of 1969

Today, we celebrate. We celebrate our will to live, and our strength. We celebrate the heroes that died that day, from the people on that plane to the people who used every ounce of their strength to save them. We celebrate eight long years since that day has passed, eight long years of wondering if or when it would happen again, and sticking fast to our ideals. We celebrate.

Because we are America. We may not always stand for peace, and we may not always stand with grace, but we stand united. You can take our lives, but you cannot take our souls, our hearts, and our will to keep moving forward. Today, we will remember, mourn, pray, and celebrate.

But we will never forget.
9/11/09 - Never forget.

Lyrics used: 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day
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September 10, 2009
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